What Cultures Believe Lobster Is Bad Luck on New Year's?

New Year's always calls for a celebration.
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People across the globe celebrate each New Year's with a host of special foods and traditions. However, some cultures avoid certain foods, like lobster, as they are believed to bring back luck in the new year.

1 Moving Forward in the New Year

Lobster is not the best choice for New Year's dinner in some cultures.
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Cultures in Eastern Europe and Austria believe that lobster is bad luck on New Year's. Lobsters move backward, so the supersition is that those who eat lobster on New Year's will face setbacks instead of good fortune in the upcoming year. Each new year is about moving forward and looking ahead toward the future, not holding on to the past by going backward. In addition to lobster being unlucky, some cultures avoid eating chicken on New Year's so that good luck won't fly away.

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