Comparison Speech Topics

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Students are often asked to give comparison speeches. Students write these speeches by comparing two items that are somehow related. When asked to write a comparison speech, you must first find two items to compare. Then research the items to find the similarities and differences and prepare a comparison speech with the information discovered.

1 Cost of Living

Students often write comparison speeches regarding the cost of living in two different locations. The student chooses two locations, often very different types of locations, such as a small city in Indiana versus Los Angeles, California. If choosing this topic, research the average wages or income in the location, demographic information and different expenses. Expenses to compare include rent prices or the cost of a new home, gas prices and educational costs.

2 Schools

If choosing to write a comparison speech about schools, compare private school, public school and home school information. Look for similarities in the different types and find the differences. Determine achievement rates, dropout rates and average percentage of students who continue their education through to college.

3 Cell Phones

Compare cell phone companies, products and services as a comparison speech. Choose the top few cell phone providers and find out details about their products and services. In this speech, try to point out which companies offer the best rates, services and coverage. Compare the different packages and features each company offers.

4 Creation Theories

If you choose to write a comparison speech on the subject of creation, investigate different common theories, research them and compare them. Two common theories often compared and debated about are creation and evolution. Research information on the different theories and determine what each is all about, each theory’s history and the scientific evidence.

5 Diets

Choose two different popular diets and compare the two. Investigate what each diet consists of including the foods that dieters are restricted from eating, the suggested foods and the workout program each uses. Compare the calorie intake of both and the main theories behind each. If possible, find statistical information that indicates the results of dieters on each different type.

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