Can the iPad Overheat?

Your iPad can overheat if overworked and in a hot environment.
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Apple's iPad packs a lot of power into a very thin design. Although this provides a convenient, easy-to-carry device to keep your contacts, files and games all at your fingertips, it can also pose an overheating problem under the right circumstances. An overheating iPad can malfunction, causing the screen to go black and damaging the delicate internal electronics.

1 Power Equals Heat

One side effect of electricity is heat, and the slim design of the iPad doesn't generally offer quick, effective cooling. The harder you work your iPad, the hotter it gets -- for example, while playing a graphics-heavy game. In most cases, this heat is normal and doesn't pose much of a threat to your iPad, but various factors can combine to create an overheating danger that may turn your tablet into a useless paperweight.

2 Too Hot To Handle

Any electronic device generates heat as it operates, and some warmth is not a concern. But if your iPad becomes too hot to touch comfortably, you're suffering an overheating problem. The heat produced inside your tablet is compounded by a hot external environment, such as a hot summer day or sitting too hear a fireplace or other heat source. The recommended temperature range to operate your iPad in is 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and temperatures outside of this range could post a threat to your device's components or battery life.

3 Cool Down

If your iPad feels hot to the touch, take action to cool it down before damage sets in. Power down immediately and remove it from the case, if applicable. Let it cool by placing it in front of a fan or in a cool room. Do not power on until it has cooled completely. Prevent future overheating by keeping your iPad away from hot environments, such as parked cars on hot days, direct sunlight or external heat sources.

4 Hit the Bar

A Consumer Reports test from 2012 determined that the iPad 3 reached temperatures as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit during gameplay, and many owners reported overheating issues with the iPad Mini. Apple never officially acknowledged any overheating danger with any iPad version, but the occasional manufacturer defect could cause unusual heat build up. If your iPad seems to overheat unusually quickly, visit your local Apple Store Genius Bar to discuss your issue.

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