My iPad Is Slow to Charge

An iPad that won't charge doesn't provide much in terms of usefulness.
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Your iPad includes an Apple USB charger that can be plugged either into a wall outlet with a special adapter or directly into your desktop or laptop computer. The speed at which your iPad charges depends on the adapter type, iPad model, and charging method. Some charging setups will provide for faster charging than others. Using the iPad while it's on the charger can also slow down the speed at which it charges.

1 Average Charge Time

It's tough to nail down an average charge time for your iPad given the fact that there are many variables. While the iPad 2 takes around four hours to charge when hooked to a wall outlet, the current iPad takes nearly six hours under the same conditions. Generally speaking, your iPad should go from completely dead to fully charged within four to 10 hours of connecting it to a power source. If you're not getting a full charge over a course of days, something could be wrong with the charger or device.

2 USB vs. Wall Outlet

Using a USB connection to charge your iPad makes it easy to sync the tablet's device to your computer, but sacrifices charging speed. It may take several more hours than usual to reach a full charge if you're connecting the iPad to your computer as opposed to a wall outlet. It's also worth noting that some computers will not pass on a charge to the iPad if they are sleeping, hibernating, or shut down.

3 Charger Model

Since its original release, the iPad has seen several different USB power adapters. These are the small white cubes that allow you to use the device's USB cable to connect to a wall outlet. The iPad Mini, for example, includes a 5W charger, while the third-generation iPad and earlier included a 10W charger. Current iPad models come with a 12W charger. If you have the older 10W charger, you're going to experience slower charge times than you would with the 12W charger.

4 Troubleshooting

If you're charging via USB, try charging with a wall outlet instead. This will likely improve your charge speed. Additionally, ensure that your iPad's system software is up to date by touching “Settings,” selecting “Software Update” and installing any available updates. If your iPad battery sticks at a certain percentage or loses its charge rapidly, you might need to take the tablet in to an Apple Store for service or replacement.