Ever wondered how to beat the odds while buying scratch tickets? Well here are some basic tips that can keep you from loosing too much buying scratch tickets!

Step 1

Go to your local convenience store and ask the clerk which tickets have been bought the most today. The clerk is your best bet to win with scratch tickets. 1 in 7 are the odds to win buying a scratch ticket. If the clerk says that a lot have been bought from one roll but no winners buy that one!

Step 2

If you buy at least 7 tickets in a row theoretically you would get a winner since the odds are 1 in 7 but remember if you have 350 tickets on a roll that 50 are winners mostly little winners of course but still winners. So you could have the first 50 tickets on the roll be losers but you could get 5-10 in a row as winners. You never know.

Step 3

If you really really want to win, watch the people that come out of the store and see what types they bought. Mark which ones have lost so you know the odds on that roll have increased!