Educational Chalkboard Games for Kids

by Mary Johnson-Gerard, Ph.D.

Vocabulary Chalkboard Art Game

The purpose of the Vocabulary Chalkboard Art Game is to help students learn new vocabulary words in an enjoyable and competitive manner. To play the game, the teacher prepares a number of cards with one vocabulary word on each card. Teams are chosen and one person from each team goes to the chalkboard. One person at a times draws an image of the word on his card while teammates try to guess the word. There is a one-minute time limit. When the minute is up, the guessing stops and the team receives a point if it guessed the word. Then the other team draws and guesses. Each time a team is up, a different member of the team does the drawing.

Chalkboard Time Bomb Game

The purpose of the Chalkboard Time Bomb game is to answer questions related to math, science, history and other subjects. The class is divided into two teams and one person from each team is the time bomb recorder. The recorders go to the chalkboard and each one draws a time bomb clockface with no numbers. The teacher reads a subject matter question to one team at a time. Each team has one minute to answer the question correctly. If the team does not respond correctly, the recorder adds a number to the clockface. The time bomb blows up when six numbers are added. The first team to blow up its bomb loses.

Chalkboard Trivia Tic Tac Toe Game

Chalkboard Trivia Tic Tac Toe is a game that pits two students against each other. A Tic Tac Toe grid is drawn on the chalkboard and one student is assigned to use an “O” and the other an “X”. The teacher develops questions about anything the class has studied or is studying. All subjects are free game for the questions. The teacher reads a question to one student at a time. If the student answers the question correctly, the student puts his mark in the Tic Tac Toe grid. If he does not answer correctly, he does not get to add the mark to the grid. The first student to get three marks in a row wins, and two new students are chosen to play the next game.

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