How to Convert From MPa to GPa

by Mark Kennan

The Pascal, abbreviated Pa, is the unit for pressure in the metric system. As a unit in the metric system, it can take metric prefixes, such as kilo-, mega- and giga- to adjust the scale of the unit. Other units for pressure include bars and pounds per square inch (PSI). In order to convert between MPa and GPa, you need to know what power of ten the metric prefixes represent and how many MPa you want to convert.

Use a metric prefix table to look up the values of the metric prefixes "mega-" and "giga-," which are abbreviated M and G, respectively, and find that "mega-" represents 10^6 and "giga-" represents 10^9.

Divide 10^6, the value of "mega-," by 10^9, the value of "giga-," to get 10^-3, or 0.001.

Multiply the number of MPa that you want to convert by 0.001 to find the equivalent GPa. For example, if you had 2,300 MPa, you would multiply 2,300 by 0.001 to get 2.3 GPa.

Things You Will Need

  • Calculator
  • Metric prefix table

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