How to Write a School Project

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Writing a school paper can be intimidating, especially because so much research and work usually goes into a project. It is important to follow the individual guidelines for your report from your teacher. However, most projects require a paper that sums up the findings and research that you have done.

Outline what you want to write about before you begin. You should break your research into at least three different sections. For example, in a science project you may want to write why you chose the topic, the research you did using articles and books, and then the actual scientific experiment.

Prepare a thesis statement that explains what the topic of your paper will be about. A good thesis statement acts as a guideline for the rest of the paper. Briefly list and explain what each part of your paper will address.

Write the rough draft of your school project following the guidelines that your teacher has provided for you, including length and topic. The rough draft may have grammatical errors, since the focus should be on addressing all of the ideas that you need to. A good paper will have an introduction, main body of your report and then a conclusion. The introduction should include your thesis statement.

Proofread the rough draft, correcting any grammar mistakes. You can also check to make sure that the thoughts flow well together and that the paper is easy to read and understand. Reading the paper out loud will help you catch any mistakes that a spell check and grammar check program may miss.

Add any other necessary documentation to your school project. This may include graphs, charts, pictures, a bibliography and other information that your teacher requires. Generally, these pages do no count toward the number of pages required when writing a paper. It's important to be sure that you follow all of the style guidelines that your teacher has given you.

  • It helps to have someone else read the paper to check for errors. This person can also check to make sure all parts of the paper are easy to understand.
  • Presentation is another important part of a school project. Using word-processing software instead of writing it longhand, will help you to impress the teacher and get a good score on presentation.
  • If you have an oral presentation that must along with the report, it is a good idea to make sure that the presentation and the paper cover the same aspects of research, although the paper will go into more detail.

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