Writing a paper in American Psychological Association (APA) format outlining your healthy eating plan is easy once you know the guidelines of the format and have a plan for the essay. APA format is a commonly accepted one for school-related essays or term papers. Your paper should be organized into clear sections and preparing the paper by examining what each section will contain makes the writing process easier.

Open a new document in the word processing software package of your choice. Choose Times New Roman, or something very similar as your font. Set the font size at 10 or 12 point. These settings are required by APA guidelines.

Set up a header for each page. Your software probably supports a function to automatically carry the header over to additional pages.The header should simply be the title of your paper in all capital letters.

Set all margins at one inch. Turn double-spacing on. These are APA guidelines.

Make the first page of the document a title page. Simply place the title of your paper and your name centered both horizontally and vertically on the page.

Start a new page. Being with an introductory paragraph. This introduction should give an overall view of your healthy eating goals. Give a time line and establish what is expected. If desired, give reasons for your new initiatives.

Start a new paragraph. This is the real body of the paper. Write about what exactly you intend to do to promote healthy eating. Include examples. Outline your plan from start to finish. This is the time to elaborate, which ensures that you make the 1400- to 1750-word count.

Start another paragraph. This final paragraph is called the conclusion, which should wrap up everything outlined in the paper. Drive home the goals of the paper again. The conclusion should echo the introduction, but in such a way as to finalize the paper.


  • Do not try to beef up the word count in the conclusion by adding needless sentences. If the word count is low, evaluate the body. This is where more can be added without disrupting the flow of the paper.


  • Increase word count by including quotes from experts on healthy eating.