Anyone who has ever mastered a particular task will tell you that mastery is simplicity. The basics are by far the most important aspect of any work, as they serve as the foundation for which the rest resides. Sixth-grade language arts teach students the basics of writing an essay thesis on the level of a report or observation of reports.

Step 1

Choose a general topic, such as “video games.”

Step 2

Narrow the topic down to a specific topic, such as “Xbox 360.”

Step 3

Create a scenario from the specific topic, such as, “Why the Xbox 360 is better than the PlayStation 3.”

Step 4

Research your claim to find credible points that validate your argument. For instance, evaluate statistics of console sales, average the reviews for first-party titles and consider the console’s capabilities.

Step 5

Write a thesis based on your findings. For example: “The Xbox 360 is better than the PlayStation 3 because it has consistently sold more units, has higher reviewed exclusives and was the first console with Netflix and Facebook integration.” The resulting thesis serves as the focus of an essay, but can be changed as the student discovers new ideas through the process of writing.