White Peacock Symbolism: The Spiritual Meaning of The Peacock

The white peacock can represent the all-seeing, all-knowing eye of God.

1 Peacock Symbolism

People are used to seeing peacocks display coats and tails of splendid colors, but a white peacock is an usual find. Some of the meanings that different societies attach to the multicolored birds include nobility, guidance, beauty and fidelity. The same attributes are also paid to white peacocks, but humans also pin other forms of symbolism on them because of the white hue of their peacock feathers.

2 The Order of the White Peacock

Dancing white peacock
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According to the My Power Animals website, the Order of the White Peacock is an ancient order of shamans that are descended from the planet Venus. Both the white peacock and a highly revered shaman named Lord Sananda are considered to be the symbols of this order. The birds are regarded as protectors since they guard the order's temple on Venus and cry out to warn when someone is approaching.

3 Spiritual Meaning: Jesus Christ

Catholic artwork such as paintings and mosaics have used white peacocks to represent Jesus Christ
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Christian artwork, like paintings and mosaics, have used white peacocks to represent Jesus Christ. This is because the peacock is considered a symbol for death, resurrection, eternal life, and spiritual awakening, which are concepts that are directly affiliated with Christ and in the Bible in ancient times. The bird is also affiliated with such Christ-like attributes as royalty, glory and incorruptibility. Its white color represents his holy spirit.

The term "Christ consciousness" refers to enlightenment, which means that a person is aware of the thoughts and fears that are projected by his ego, but doesn't accept them as his true state of being. Not only does the white peacock represent Jesus Christ, its color stands for awakening, spirituality and light, along with the purity of a person's intentions and his faith in God.

4 Peacock Spirit Animal

The white peacock carries similar meanings in other contexts, like in Greek mythology for the ancient Greeks, in Egyptian and Native American cultures, and for Buddhists in Buddhism and Hindus in Hinduism. It is the national bird of India. It is a spirit animal or totem animal for many people, symbolizing good luck, positive self-esteem, and taking the right path. The peacock’s tail specifically is seen as being a special part of the peafowl, whether it is a traditional blue peacock or a white peacock. Having a peacock dream or seeing a peacock totem in your life is very meaningful – the dream meaning can be seen in a variety of ways, whether the peacock is your spirit animal or represents a loved one. Many people get a peacock tattoo to carry this symbol with them. Peahens are not as common of a symbol.

5 "Song of Solomon"

A single white peacock represents beauty and peace as well as the struggle of remaining flightless for its lifetime
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A white peacock that appears in Toni Morrison's novel "Song of Solomon" carries several symbolic meanings for the characters Guitar and Milkman. The bird represents luxury, as it's discovered when they uncover a stash of gold. But it also brings a negative energy, showing the trappings of greed, vanity and pride, as Guitar comments that the peacock "has too much tail. All that jewelry weighs it down." The tail feathers don’t bring good fortune as a spirit guide, in this case. The flightless bird also symbolizes how Milkman's soul struggles under the weight of his problems.

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