What is the Daniel Fast Diet?

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The Daniel fast radically changes, for a specific number of days, your food consumption by restricting commonly enjoyed foods. The fast is a religious rite that is generally observed among Christians as an act of worship and consecration to God, as well as for enhancing personal prayer life.

1 Origin

The essence of the Daniel fast is found in the Bible, specifically in the book of Daniel, chapter 1:8-14. Daniel and three of his comrades were taken captive by the Babylonian army when Judah was seized. They were chosen to serve in the king's palace, and the required diet went against their tradition. Daniel asked the four be allowed to abstain from the "king's meat" for 10 days.

2 Types

There are two types of Daniel fasts. The 10-day Daniel fast consists of vegetables and water only; the 21-day fast includes whole grains, beans, fruits, seeds and liquids such as all-natural fruit juices.

3 Function

The Daniel fast is not a diet designed for weight loss, but is rather meant as a physical experience that reflects a spiritual commitment leading to deeper insights from God.

4 Benefits

If you're a practicing Christian, you will cleanse body, mind and spirit with the Daniel fast when you use it as a method of sacrifice unto God, combined with prayer and daily Bible reading.

5 Warning

If you have medical conditions that may be compromised by a lack of food, or are taking medications, you should consult with your physician prior to embarking on the Daniel fast.

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