Personal conflict takes many forms, some more serious than others. It stems from the long-term choices you make and decisions that you have to make in an instant. Knowing your character and integrity determines how you solve your conflict.

Ethical Dilemmas

A personal conflict is an ethical decision that has to made. For instance, a person has to decide whether to report a wallet found with $100 inside or to keep it for himself.


Taking responsibility for mistakes is a source of personal conflict. A person has to decide whether or not the consequences of accepting the blame are worth it.

Big Decisions

Making big decisions that will alter a person's life creates personal conflict. Taking a new job far from home, for instance, or adopting a child can bring personal conflict.

Group Activity

Choosing not to participate in a group activity perceived as immoral causes personal conflict. A person will be ostracized for not joining in bullying, for example.

Taking Revenge

Personal conflict rises from not choosing revenge. A slighted person may struggle to decide whether or not to get back at the person who wronged her.