Warning Signs That a Woman Is Domineering

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Relationships can be rife with idiosyncrasies, bad manners and non-communication. Either partner can cause turmoil and upset the peace. When a woman acts contrary to submission and compromise, the relationship can deteriorate, allowing her to take control. Domineering women can take control of a friendship or peer group if they notice the members appear defenseless or non-confrontational. A spouse or friend can recognize the symptoms of a domineering woman if they pay attention to some subtle and obvious signs.

1 Physical Treatment

Women who have a domineering or controlling nature tend to use physical force out of frustration, the same way a man does. The reason for physical displays can be the result of an argument, losing a simple card game, being insulted or any other reason. A domineering woman will slap, kick, punch or scratch upon reaching her frustration level. The body blows will not be playful, but actually meant to inflict some type of pain. Physical violence usually denotes the last and final stage of domination.

2 Instant Attachment

A dominating female will take control of a relationship from the onset, frequently dictating the rules of visitation, courtship and even times of sexual relations. If she feels that the man lags in his emotional commitment, she will up the stakes and proclaim feelings of love and encourage a deeper, faster commitment. She will have much less time in cultivating a relationship or letting it gradually blossom. She will be the one to mention engagement and marriage first, forcing her partner into an instant attachment.

3 Manipulation and Conning Behavior

A domineering woman can be quite the manipulator in using her partner and others as a means to her personal gain. She often does not recognize the basic human rights of others, and can use those around her like pawns. She can view this type of her own behavior as permissible, even justified because she claims to be owed or entitled. Dominating women frequently humiliate others, especially other women, as a means to elevate their own status.

4 Temper

A domineering woman will usually be the first one to exhibit a temper outburst, or she needs to defend her personal position and views, or she's clearly lost an argument. She can feel slighted for the least of transgressions, such as her hamburger having too many onions on it, or someone arrived late to pick her up for an appointment. Temper tantrums signs can include driving dangerously fast to scare the occupant, raising the tone of voice above the other's, screaming, turning red, throwing objects across the room, hissing and spitting.


5 Career Advancement

Not surprisingly, a domineering woman will often posses a very keen intellect, and most probably have a higher education from an Ivy League university. She might have several degrees or certificates in her line of work. She will be the type to stop at nothing to gain notoriety and advancement in her field of study or craft. She will openly strive to attain bonuses, raises, promotions and advancements to positions of authority. She will seek out the job position that holds the most power, a station from which she can dictate and manipulate the business to her own liking.

6 Communication

Communication with a domineering woman will be heavily one-sided. A spouse, friend or partner might not be able to get a word in edgewise, while she controls the subject manner. She will often be the most passionate or outspoken speaker in a one-on-one confrontation, or in a group session. Her desire to stand out will often be argumentative, or even sarcastic if the communication does not go quite the way she plans.

Chris Stevenson has been writing since 1988. His automotive vocation has spanned more than 35 years and he authored the auto repair manual "Auto Repair Shams and Scams" in 1990. Stevenson holds a P.D.S Toyota certificate, ASE brake certification, Clean Air Act certification and a California smog license.