The TI-83 Plus is a popular graphing calculator used in many high school math classes. Exponents are a shorter way to write a number multiplied by itself several times. For example, you could save some effort and space by writing 5^8 instead of 5555555*5. In an exponent, the number being multiplied by itself is known as the "base" and the number of times that it is multiplied by itself is the "power." Especially with larger bases and exponents, using a TI-83 Plus can save you time in calculating the exponents.

Step 1

Type the base of the exponent you want to calculate using the number keys. For example, if you were calculating 12^7, you would type "12."

Step 2

Type in the caret (^) symbol. The caret button is located on the right side of the TI-83 Plus, just above the division sign and just below the "Clear" button.

Step 3

Enter the power of your exponential expression. For example, in the expression 12^7, you would enter "7."

Step 4

Push the "Enter" key located in the bottom right corner to have the calculator compute the answer to your expression. The result will be displayed on the right side of the screen. For example, after you type in "12^7," you would push "Enter" and the answer, 35,831,808, would be displayed.