Sudden and irrational bouts of anger and rage might be due to negative spirits.

Paranormal activity, at the center of public debate for many years, involves spirits and possession. Spirits, either positive or negative, represent nonliving entities. A negative spirit inhabits the body or aura with only the worst of intentions. The negative spirit can affect what you think, feel, say, desire and do. Paranormal literature states that to rid yourself of negative spirits you must first acknowledge it's presence. While the idea of spirits, ghosts and entities may seem foolish to some, the presence of supernatural and paranormal beings remains plausible for others.


The physical signs of a negative spirit affect your actions and appearance. A serious illness with unknown causes and unidentifiable symptoms is also a physical impairment characteristic of negative spirits. Migraine headaches, blacking out and fainting might point to a negative energy as well. Before attempting to justify your ailments as purely paranormal, visit with a doctor and discuss all of your symptoms. If there is a lack of medical reasoning, then spirit possession might be a viable answer.


Sudden and extreme behavioral changes indicate a possible spirit. Lifelike nightmares, constant night terrors or voices demanding you perform indecent acts could mean a negative aura surrounds you. A loss of energy and increasing fears and phobias are also signs of a negative spirit. If you begin to suffer from prolonged and unexplained memory or concentration problems, a negative possession is also plausible. Another key indicator of a negative spirit is the abrupt use of foreign language, also known as speaking in tongues. While medical and psychological reasons might account for some of these behaviors, believers often point to the paranormal as responsible.


A negative spirit can control how and what emotions you feel. Unusual bouts of anger, jealousy, rage, revenge and vindictiveness might be due to a spirit possession. A negative spirit might induce the illusion of a multiple-personality disorder or schizophrenia. Panic and anxiety are also common emotional responses to a negative spirit. A general feeling of loss of emotional control could point to paranormal activity. Pay attention to irrational sorrow and fear as well as a sudden onset of depression. Constant feelings of sadness and unexplained rage signal a spirit invasion to believers. Seek spiritual guidance if you feel compelled to injure or harm another person.