Team Building Activities for Large Groups

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Team building activities help large groups to get to know each other and work well together. In addition, they help people who don’t usually have the chance to interact with one another to get acquainted. Through team building activities, people can learn to work with one another by opening communication barriers, especially in a large group.

1 Get Acquainted

Materials that you’ll need for this group activity are three of the same type of balls and one different ball. For example, you can use three tennis balls and one ping pong ball.

To begin, you should ask participants to form a circle and to take turns introducing themselves. Depending on the number of participants, you can form more than one circle. Once everyone in the circle has introduced themselves, you should give one of the larger balls to someone in the circle who then throws the ball to another person in the circle. That person then throws the ball to another person. You then give another tennis ball to the same person who threw the first ball and asks the group to throw the ball in the same pattern. A third ball will be introduced and should be thrown in the same pattern as the group is instructed to go as fast as they can without dropping the ball. Once everything is going smoothly, you should add the smaller ball to the mix, which should be thrown in the same pattern as well. The group will have a hard time catching and throwing this ball. The activity should continue until all the balls are dropped.

This activity will show how something new or different that is introduced to a situation may cause problems. You can then proceed to discuss the importance of solving problems. You can discuss how communication and cooperation changed when the smaller ball was thrown in and how the group was able to accommodate the different ball. This activity can also be used to discuss how change can be applied to improve situations.

2 Spider’s Web

This activity can be played with eight to 20 people. The only thing that you’ll need is a large ball of yarn. Ask the participants to form a circle and to stand close to one another. One of the participants should be holding the ball of yarn. That participant should give a reason as to why they value being a part of the group. Once that person finished speaking, they should toss the ball to another person in the circle while holding on to the end of the yarn. That person then gives their own reason and holds on to the yarn while tossing the ball of yarn to the next person. When everyone has had a chance to speak, you’ll notice that a web has formed.

This activity shows participants how everyone is affected in a large group, the power of many people working together, and how everyone can work effectively when doing their part. In addition, you can throw a balloon on top of the web and instruct the participants to work as a group to support the balloon by tightening the web. This teaches the group the importance of communication, which is needed to prevent the ball from falling.

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