Good communication skills are a vital key to living a successful life. Business life, family life, social life and all relationships hinge on how well we communicate. Colleges and corporations place a high value on communication as a key skill. Read on to learn how to teach communication skills.

Begin to teach communication skills by first learning to be a successful communicator yourself. Most of us learn by example. Whether you are teaching your children, your students or your staff, people learn communication to a large extent by watching others. Let him see you making eye contact with him. Let her notice your tone of voice when you relate to her. They need to see how well you handle yourself when issues get controversial and stress is high.

Remind your students that learning good communication skills is a life-long process. We all need to continually hone our skills and improve in the way we communicate. Good communication starts with the way we think. Require your students to partner up and spend time taking turns just listening to each other. Listening seems to be a lost art among many. Waiting for him to finish before you begin to speak and then thinking before you speak are important communication skills to teach.

Set up some scenario situations and ask your students to act the situation out. People learn not only by example, but by demonstration and role playing as well. Having to put yourself in someone else's shoes can help teach communication skills. For instance, you might set up a scenario of someone settling an argument between two teenagers. Let them act it out and then provide feedback and evaluation of how well the issues involving the conflict were communicated.

Teach communication skills by showing your students that actions speak louder than words. Kindness can be communicated by a gentle touch. Tenderness and kindness communicate value to others. A smile communicates confidence and inspires confidence in others.