How to Study for an Economics Exam. In an economics class, students learn about how goods and services are produced, distributed and consumed. Economics exams can be quite challenging. If you're looking for some tips to make studying for your economics exam easier, just keep on reading.

Step 1

Review the notes you took during class and while reading your textbook. Write down important concepts, terms and theories. Avoid simply highlighting what you want to remember--you'll recall the information much easier if you write things out.

Step 2

Find out what the format of the test questions will be. As you study, think about how problems might be phrased as a particular type of question to prepare yourself.

Step 3

Be sure you've mastered the ability to work with and understand models and graphs. Models are usually represented by graphs in economics, so it's vital that you can easily interpret them. Go back over old homework assignments and use those graphs for review. Practice writing out what each part of the graph means and how it affects the relationship being examined.

Step 4

Rewrite your class notes following each economics lecture. Look for areas in your notes that are missing information you remember from class and fill in the blanks. Not only will recopying your notes help you remember them better, but you'll also have a great study guide when test time rolls around.

Step 5

Keep a pencil in your hand as you review your notes and textbook before an exam. Mark any information that you're having difficulty with, then go back and work through the material until you understand it.

Step 6

Get together with your fellow economics classmates and form a study group. Review and compare each others' notes to prepare for the test.