Remanufactured products are completely taken apart, cleaned and remade to a new condition. Reconditioned products are cleaned, inspected, and repainted, and though some parts may be replaced, they are not returned to new condition.


Remanufacturing saves equipment such as machinery, office equipment, electronics and auto parts from being discarded. Also, consumers who do not need the latest equipment can save money by buying remanufactured equipment, which is typically sold with a full warranty because it is considered new.


Reconditioned equipment is sold as used equipment and generally considered inferior because it is not returned to its original condition. It is sold at a lower price, and any warranty is less than that associated with the original.


Both remanufacturing and reconditioning represent ways manufacturers and consumers can reduce municipal waste and conserve resources. However, remanufactured products are of higher quality and represent better value.

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