How to Pass a GED Practice Math Test

Practicing with a scientific calculator can help you pass the GED practice math test.
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A few clever strategies can greatly improve your chances of passing the General Educational Development practice math test. The first skill you need to practice is how to use the Texas Instruments TI 30-sx calculator, which will be provided to you for Section I of the test. It is a good idea to purchase or borrow this model and start using it before you take your first GED practice math test. Skill with this kind of calculator will yield faster and more accurate calculations and higher test scores. You can also review the GED math formula sheet given to test takers.

1 The GED Calculator

Most people will be pleasantly surprised by how many math operations they can perform with a scientific calculator, including converting fractions to decimals, finding square roots, using exponents, negative numbers and solving equations. The Texas Instruments TI 30-sx calculator is also useful in solving solving probability questions and those involving determining number relationships, including negative numbers, determining proportion, ratio and percents.

2 The GED Math Formula Sheet

To prepare for taking the GED practice math test, you should get copy of the GED formula sheet that you will have on test day. The information on this sheet includes the formula for the circumference of a circle, the formulas for finding the area of figures including a square, rectangle, trapezoid and parallelogram, and formulas for finding perimeter. Knowing how to use this sheet will improve your scores. For example, if you get a question on the GED practice test that asks you to calculate the perimeter of a square, your formula sheet tells you how to solve it: perimeter = 4 X side.

3 Basic Numbers and Operations

Another strategy that can raise your scores and improve your chances of passing a GED practice math test is to review basic skills and make sure you can confidently answer fundamental questions. For example, problems including addition, multiplication and division, decimals and fractions appear on the GED practice math test. Most people can confidently review these basics to see how much they already know and this strategy does improve scores on the test's whole numbers and operations questions.

4 Advanced Mathematical Expressions

Some more advanced math questions are included on the GED practice math test and depending on how much time you have to prepare, it is a good idea to target just a few of these skills and learn them. For example, ratio, rate, proportion and percents are useful skills to review because they tend to show up often on GED tests. Since you have your GED formula sheet to help you, you can also practice how to solve advanced questions involving geometrical figures by working with your formula sheet.

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