Objects That Look Like Pyramids

Pyramids or tetrahedrons are three-dimensional shapes that vary in base form and number of corresponding sides. For example, a pyramid that has three triangular sides atop a triangular base is classified as a triangular pyramid. Similarly, a pyramid that has a four-sided base beneath four triangular sides is classified as a square pyramid. The Egyptian pyramids in Giza are some of the largest man-made structures known to date, and they are great examples of square pyramids. However, there are many everyday objects that look like pyramids as well.

1 Perfume Bottles

Fragrances often come in pyramidal glass bottles. Perfume and cologne manufacturers try to package various fragrances in attractive bottles that are meant sit on flat surfaces. Pyramidal forms have a large base so they look aesthetic and they won’t tip over easily. Perfume bottles come in a variety of shapes including triangular and square pyramid forms.

2 Paperweights

Paperweights are decorative objects that come in glass, ceramic and hard plastic forms. They are often shaped like pyramids and are placed atop paper piles to keep any loose sheets from moving or flying about in windy situations.

3 Cafe Umbrellas

Some cafe table umbrellas are pyramidal in shape. Albeit, the bases are wider in these pyramids but all sides meet at the peaks and form tetrahedrons. Similarly, various glass greenhouses are pyramids where all of the sides come together at the vertices.

4 Christmas Decorations

Various Christmas ornaments are shaped like pyramids. Some ornaments that are meant to look like Christmas trees are often pyramidal in shape as are other festive decorations.

5 Cheese

Some cheeses come in pie shapes with individually wrapped cheese pyramids inside. Most of the slices have square or rectangular bases and are pyramidal in shape because of their triangular sides. Cheese slabs are also cut into pyramidal shapes at times and then wrapped and packaged for consumers.

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