The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Satis

Because the Egyptians were so closely tied to the Nile River, Satis was an important figure in their mythology.
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Ancient Egypt, similar to many of the earliest civilizations, was heavily dependent on a nearby water source. The Nile offered ancient Egyptians a source of water for many uses, but also posed a threat with its tendency to flood. Not surprisingly, the ancient Egyptian goddess Satis, also referred to as Satet and known as the mother of the Nile, was an important figure in Egyptian mythology.

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With a name that means "she who pours," Satis was deity of the Nile's regular floods. The Nile flooded annually and could affect the Egyptians' livelihood and prosperity, making Satis an important figure. Additionally, she served as a war and fertility goddess as well as a protector of Upper Egypt. She was often depicted either as a woman wearing a crown or as an antelope, which was known as a quick animal living near the riverbanks. Satis had a child, Anuket, who was goddess of the Nile River.