How to Memorize Times Tables

Teaching the times tables to students is one of the biggest challenges a teacher must face. When students learn the times tables, they aren't just memorizing a bunch of numbers. They are also learning important math skills that can be used later on. According to, "Helping your child learn the times tables is one of the best ways to teach valuable goal-setting skills while ensuring their success in math." Combining the ability to set goals and learn essential information can only benefit students. Find interesting ways to help them learn their times tables.

Learn the times tables in order from 0 to 12. This creates a smoother progression as you transition up the line to higher numbers.

Write out the equations for all numbers in one table. For example, for the 0's, start at 0x0=0 and finish at 0x12=0. This allows you to see the numbers in your head, plus the physical task of writing will help you remember.

Place a poster of all the times tables on a wall. Study the poster at least once a day. Test yourself often by saying the equations in your head, followed by the answer. Only look if you don't know an answer.

Draw your own flashcards using index cards. Use a marker to write an equation on one side of the card, and then write the answer on the back. Have someone go through the cards with you. Practice with the cards at least once a day.

Play online computer games that use multiplication facts., and have a variety of interactive multiplication games for kids.

Ask someone to drill you on multiplication facts. He calls out an equation and you respond with an answer. Answer within an allotted time frame to help you remember and recall faster.

Play a drill times table written test game using a piece of paper, a pencil and a timer. Start the timer for one minute, and then answer as many facts as you can. It's best to use a worksheet with the equations already written out for you. You simply fill in the answer instead of writing out the entire equation.

Work with hands-on manipulatives to help you memorize the times tables. Grouping together the same number of beans in several different paper cups will help you visualize what is going on. This is very beneficial for younger students.

Practice the times tables with a song or rap. Many stores sell multiplication rap CDs. Sometimes, remembering songs is the easiest way to memorize information.

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