How to Make a Weather Chart for Children

Weathermen present predictions about the weather with weather charts.

1 A Fun Weather Activity: Kids Craft Ideas

Children can learn about the weather by using weather charts with help of their parents or teachers. Weather charts are used in various ways, primarily to display weather predictions using boxes.

Each box represents one day of weather and normally shows a picture of what the weather for that day will look like.

Each box also shows temperatures, such as the high and low predictions for the day. Weathermen illustrate the weather forecast using a chart that shows these items.

Children can make a DIY weather chart by recording actual temperatures instead of predicted temperatures.

2 Title Each Student's Weather Chart

Write the title of this activity on the top of a page of construction paper, such as “Monthly Weather Chart" or "Five Day Weather Report."

Invite children to come up with other ideas for making their own personal weather chart in a fun way, and don’t make them stick to a template too closely for this paper craft.

3 Show Example of Weather Chart

Create an example of a simple weather chart using a calendar of the month. Then instruct children to make columns on a piece of paper to create a chart similar to a calendar.

Recommend using a ruler to create columns for each day of the week. You can either choose five days or seven days for a full week. Write in the days of the week in the columns.

You can make the chart good for one week, or multiple weeks by adding more rows in each column for this fun learning activity.

4 Observe and Record Daily Weather

Under each column title, instruct children to create a box that will allow them to write in today’s weather.

For young children, ask him to jot down one detail about the weather.

For example, if it is a sunny day, have him draw a picture of the sun. If there is a thunderstorm, he can draw rain or clouds.

Each day, he must keep track of the weather and add a new picture to represent that day’s weather pattern.

For an older student, have her find out the temperature that day and write it in. She can also write a description of different weather conditions or types of weather or find out the barometric pressure and create a weather wheel in addition to their weather chart. You can find free printable versions of these online as well.

5 Make Weather Chart for Classroom

Create one large weather chart for the classroom as a fun group activity and put it on the bulletin board!

Start by drawing columns on a colorful poster board. Choose how many days you will do this activity.

Some teachers may do this as a normal part of each school day. If this is the case, create one chart for each month during the school year. Write in the names of the days or months. Depending on how long you will use the chart, write in the days or dates. Make a box for each day. Each morning or afternoon at school, fill in the weather. Ask students to guess the temperature and then find out the real temperature and write it in the box.

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