Trace art projector boxes, or more commonly, light boxes, are a staple of artists, from beginners to experts. Light boxes are great for removing the trial-and-error element that many artists go through when trying to replicate their own drawings. If you are an animator, a light box is an invaluable tool. The only real drawback is that trace art projector boxes can be relatively expensive. However, cheap alternatives can be every bit as effective.

Build the Box

Step 1

Set your milk crate on your work station, open-side up. Place your light source into the bottom of the crate. Work lights work best, since they can be angled to provide a straight forward light source.

Step 2

Feed the cord of the light through one of the holes of the milk crate. Do not plug the light in until you have finished building the box.

Step 3

Line the sides of the milk crate with cardboard. This will prevent any light from escaping through the sides when you use it, providing you with a better source.

Step 4

Stretch a layer of wax paper across the top of the milk crate. This will diffuse the light, making it less harsh and direct.

Step 5

Use duct tape to secure the glass panel on top of the wax paper. This is your drawing surface. If you can not find a sheet of glass large enough, many hardware stores will cut glass to your specifications. Plug in your light, and start working.