Making a strong opening statement in a debate is a skill that can be advantageous in a variety of careers. Lawyers need to make strong, compelling opening statements every day. Businessmen giving important presentations need to start with an opening statement or summary that captivates their audience and gains enthusiasm for their ideas. There are several tips and strategies to consider when making a strong opening statement in a debate.

Step 1

Plan out your opening statement before the debate. Go over the main points in your argument and determine the ones that should be summarized in the debate.

Step 2

Write out your opening statement, making sure it covers the most important points of your debate and provides brief description of what you will be discussing. The opening statement should be no more than two or three minutes long, as a longer statement may begin to lose the interest of the audience.

Step 3

Deliver your opening statement with confidence. Look at the audience rather than down at your speech. Gaining the interest of the audience is arguably the most important aspect of the opening statement. Speak with conviction and expression; avoid a monotonous tone.

Step 4

Maintain your level of energy and enthusiasm from the start to the end of your opening statement. You might want to let the energy build to a crescendo for the finish in order to leave the audience on an especially strong note.