Fake or pretend food are some of the most popular novelty items in toy stores. They can also be some of the most expensive. Many are surprised to hear that you can make many fake foods quite easily. Some are great for displays while others provide simple, fun activities for children. If your a parent and want a project for you children or a teacher looking for a new and interesting classroom activity, this could be the food for you.

How to make fake food

Take your oven timer and set it for 15 minutes. You need to work fast with this project as you will have only 15 minutes before your fake icing sets.

Take your bucket and mix the spackle, plaster of paris and water. Use your frosting knife to stir the mixture. Start out with about 3 tablespoons of water but add more gradually as you need it. The finished product should be smooth.

Begin frosting the hat box. Start with the sides and then work you way around to the rest of the cake. It is fine to be generous with the portion of frosting. Remember, you have very limited time.

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Allow the cake to set over night once you have finished with the frosting. Keep children away as touching the cake could damage the shape.

Paint the cake once it has set properly. Any color will be fine but brown tend to be one of the best.

Bread Slices

Take your Square sponges and draw the outline of the slice of bread. A stencil is best if this is a project for young children but an adult should be able to draw this quite easily. Once it is drawn carefully cut the piece out.

Paint the visible surfaces to a color resembling a slice of bread. If the sponge is a yellow, white or brownish color than you may choose to leave it as is.

Take your darker color and gently dab along the outside of the sponge. This will look like the crust of the bread.