Whether she is your sarcastic little sister, loud-talking girlfriend or a chatterbox pal, you are terribly annoyed by a girl in your life. Unless you say something about her irritating ways, the relationship you have with her will be in jeopardy soon. Telling her to stop or shut up will not be very effective. Instead, find a clever strategy to deal with her.

Why Is She Annoying?

Figure out the reasons you are annoyed by this girl. Something becomes an annoyance when it is repetitive and you have no idea when it will end, according to psychologist Christopher Peterson in his Psychology Today article, "Things that Annoy Us." Perhaps it is her bragging nature. You are sick of hearing how her boyfriend is the greatest guy in the world or how she is her school's smartest student. Maybe she is a chronic complainer or her loud laughter drives you crazy.

Take Your Turn

If you are annoyed by her chatter, tell her that it is only fair that you get a chance to speak. Being as direct as possible is an effective tactic to interrupt a motormouth, according to psychologist Linda Sapadin in her Psych Central article, "8 Ways to Interrupt an Incessant Talker." Perhaps you could say, "I've been listening to you for some time, but I really need you to listen to me now." Another possibility: "Please get to the main part. I want a chance to tell you something."

Stay Calm

Her reasons for annoying you could be that she gets pleasure from your reaction. Do not show her you are angry. Keeping your composure allows you to have more control and manage a problematic person. Perhaps she makes animal noises. Pretend you do not hear. Maybe she constantly sings out loud. Act as though you are not bothered by her.

Exit Strategy

It may still not occur to her that she is annoying. If she shows no concern about your feelings, getting her to be quiet likely will not work. You may have to leave. Making a firm and final statement or giving an excuse is a way to get out. Perhaps you can say, "I have to go to basketball practice now. See you later," or, "I'm running late to pick up my little brother. I'll catch you another time."