How to Learn Calligraphy. Calligraphy, literally translated, means "beautiful writing." Heralded as an art form above and beyond a means of communication, calligraphy is a wonderful way to express yourself.

Step 1

Choose professional calligraphy pens and ink. The best choice for beginners is a chisel-point pen with a width of approximately one and a half millimeters.

Step 2

Take the time to relax and meditate. Calligraphy is an age-old art form that draws on a steady hand and inner peace.

Step 3

Begin by finding a copy of the uncial alphabet. This is one of the more common calligraphic alphabets, and was utilized by the early Christians.

Step 4

Trace the letters of the uncial alphabet slowly and carefully several times to get a good feel for the curves of the letters and the pen strokes.

Step 5

Focus on keeping your letters straight and uniformly sized. You can move on to the fancy maneuvers later.

Step 6

Research local beginning calligraphy classes at a junior college or art institute. Nothing can replace the helpful guidance of a trained calligraphy professional.