Law Enforcement Research Paper Topics

Research in law enforcement offers opportunities for real-world application.
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Law enforcement offers a plethora of possible topics for research. When choosing a research topic related to law enforcement, it is a good idea to select a topic with current social relevance. Do not begin writing a paper with preconceived notions concerning the topic. Once you begin your research, you may find your opinions and your outlook changing significantly.

1 The Constitution and Modern Law Enforcement

Perspectives on this topic include the historic constitutionality of law enforcement procedures and contemporary adherence to the Constitution. For example, the events leading up to the procedural reading of Miranda rights to criminal suspects for the purpose of protecting their constitutional rights, along with search and seizure laws, make interesting research.

2 Police Entrapment Controversies

The topic of police entrapment can include historic examples and their legal ramifications. Police entrapment is the enticement of individuals to commit crimes in which they otherwise may have not participated. For example, an undercover police officer may pose as a prostitute to arrest individuals soliciting prostitution but, if that officer coaxes people resisting the offer into acting on her suggestions, it might be considered entrapment.

3 Use of Deadly Force

Law enforcement is, by its nature, a dangerous job in which officers can find themselves, or those around them, in life-threatening situations. The situations calling for the use of deadly force, as well as its ramifications for society and on the individual officers make possible topics.

4 Terrorism and Law Enforcement

A timely topic is the effect that terrorism has had on law enforcement, both in practice and theory. For example, the jurisdictions under which suspected terrorists are to be charged in the legal venues to be used provide ;new areas for consideration, as they may have changed from the traditional assignment. Additionally, you can research how the specter of terrorism has influenced the profession of law enforcement.

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