Preschool Games for Helping One Another

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Preschool children are eager to help, but they are also naturally self-centered. It is difficult to discern, for a preschooler, how to help and when to include others in play. There are some great preschool games that show these children how to include others in play, how to help other children and how to cooperate.

1 A Little Help From Your Friends

Give each child a tissue to place on his head. Instruct children to move around to the tune of music while keeping the tissue on their heads. If a tissue falls off, the child will freeze. Another child needs to help the frozen child by placing the tissue back on the frozen child's head, allowing the frozen child to rejoin the game. This game helps raise awareness of others in need for preschool children.

2 Amoeba Tag

Children need to be aware of others' safety in this game. Ask two children to hold hands and work together to tag other children. Once a child is tagged, she needs to join the two children who are "it," holding a hand while trying to tag other children. The game is played until all children are added to the chain.

3 Cooperative Musical Chairs

Place chairs in a line back to back with one less chair than there are children. Instruct children to move around the chairs to music. When the music stops, the children must sit in a chair, but the children must make sure every person has a chair, even if that means more than one person gets a chair. Take away one chair per musical session. The children will need to work together to figure out how to include everyone on the diminishing available chairs.

4 Musical Hugs

Allow children to dance or move to music. When the music stops, the children must find someone to hug. The music starts again and the children dance with their new hugging partner. When the music stops again, each duo finds another duo to hug. The game continues until the class is in one big group. This game introduces the concept of including all children in an activity.

Rebecca Mayglothling has worked directly with toddlers and preschoolers for more than three years. She has published numerous lesson plans online as well as parenting and teaching advice. She continues to keep ahead of parenting methods and is eager to share them through her professional writing.