When writing a paper it is often a good idea to support your content with quotes from professionals or other individuals who have experience with what you are writing about. However you can't just throw in quotes haphazardly and you need to make sure the quote is properly documented and sourced, so the individuals reading the content can check to make sure the individual actually said what you claim.

State who said the quote. This can come either before or after the actual quotation, but you need to include who is actually talking.

Write the quotation in quotation marks ("...") unless you are paraphrasing. When paraphrasing, you don't need to use quotation marks because the individual didn't actually say exactly what you are writing, however you still need to include the name of who you are paraphrasing.

Write, in parentheses, where you found the source and the page it is on, unless you are writing a news article and you are the one who interviewed the individual.

Source the quote in your work cited. This includes the name of the individual who wrote the book or Internet source, the title, date published, publisher and the page numbers you used in the article.