Ideas for Teaching Kids to Share Jesus

Children can share Jesus with friends, family and anyone they meet.

Christian children learn about Jesus through their parents and church activities. When children are old enough to understand the lessons they are learning about Jesus and his teachings, parents can start encouraging their children to share Jesus with others. Teaching children to share about Jesus is actually simpler than parents might suspect.

1 Teach By Example

Parents can teach their children to share Jesus by giving examples of sharing Jesus. For example, parents might talk about Jesus to family friends or neighbors while the children are in the room. This tells children that they can talk about Jesus to their friends, to neighbors or to anyone else.

2 Ask Children Questions About Jesus

Children need to understand Jesus to share about him, so parents can teach children to share Jesus by asking questions about Jesus and his teachings. Parents might ask how children feel about Jesus or what Jesus has done for them. Understanding is the key to sharing because if children cannot understand Jesus, they are not able to share about him either.

3 Encourage Children To Sing About Jesus

Sharing Jesus does not need to focus only on talking; children also can use song to impart messages. For example, a child can sing “Jesus Loves Me” to share the message that Jesus has a loving heart that gives to every child in the world, regardless of who they are or where they come from. Parents can ask children to sing when they have friends over or during church activities so that children know they are able to share through song.

4 Encourage Prayer

Parents can teach children to share Jesus by telling children to pray. Daily prayer and showing children when to give thanks, when to pray for health and how to pray can help children learn to share Jesus. Children not only offer prayers to others when they see a need, but they share the Bible and Jesus whenever they offer prayers to others.