ICT Projects for School

Information and communication technologies are a major cause of globalization, a fact that should be emphasizes on any school project on ICT.

ICT stands for information and communication technologies, which include the bevy of different Internet and digital technologies that facilitate the flow of information and communication worldwide, like phones, cable television, Internet services and websites. Because ICT is present so widely throughout society, there are ample opportunities available for creating an ICT project for school.

1 Create a Game

Creating a game to demonstrate the power and importance of ICT is one project option. For example, you could have classmates play hide-and-seek outside, without the use of ICT--for example, no phones or communication--and then have them play it again with the use of ICT. This will help demonstrate to students and the teacher the way in which ICT distributes information quickly but also allows people to be more reactive to different types of communication. For example, both the seekers and the hiders in hide-and-seek will have better information and will be more able to cooperate with ICT.

2 Make a Poster

You could create a diagram on a poster that illustrates how ICT works. This poster could include quotes by famous authors talking about ICT along with images that illustrate those quotes. For example, two-time Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Tom Friedman, in his book "The World is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century," has said about ICT and globalization that, because of them, "The world is flat." A poster could use that quote, and show images of people from different parts of the world connecting with each other easily with the use of ICT on a flat map. The notion of "flat" is meant to illustrate that people can connect with each other directly, regardless of where they are in the world, unlike a time in the past when it was necessary to literally travel around the world to reach a person in a different country.

3 Imagine a Non-ICT World

To give others in the class a full grasp of what life is like with ICT, you could ask the class to imagine a non-ICT world. You could hand out pieces of paper asking students to list their favorite activities, and then have them explain how they would complete those activities if there was no ICT available, such as no phones, Internet or radio. You could also ask the class to explore what different parts of society in a non-ICT world would look like. For example, students could discuss what economic behavior would be like if companies like Wal-Mart could not communicate their inventory needs around the world, or if Wal-Mart would even be possible without ICT.

  • 1 "The World is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century"; Thomas Friedman; Farrar, Strous, and Girroux; 2007