How to Start Reading the Bible

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Reading the Bible is a wonderful way to strengthen your faith. For Christians, the Bible is literally your instruction manual. Many new Christians are confused when they first start reading the Bible. Where do I start? How much should I read in one setting? It can be a bit intimidating for some. Here are a few tips that will help you start reading the Bible in a way that will cause you to develop good study habits that will last a lifetime.

1 Find an easy to read translation

Find an easy to read translation of the Bible. The King James version is very hard to understand because of its archaic language. Some easy to read translations are the New International Version, the New Living Bible, the New American Standard Bible, or the New King James Bible.

2 Pray for God to guide you

Pray for God to guide you. When you start reading the Bible you will need God's help. The Bible, because of it's spiritual nature, isn't just a regular book. You will need divine aid as you study it to be able to fully understand what you are reading.

3 Ask God to speak to you

Ask God to speak to you. Always read the Bible expecting God to speak to you. He will teach you how to apply his words to your life. He will encourage you and give you daily direction.

4 Use Bible study guides

Use Bible study guides. One of the best study guides for a beginner is "Halley's Bible Handbook." This book gives a brief synopsis of every chapter, the original reason the text was written, and historical background information that will help you understand its relevance to you today.

5 Take notes

Take notes. As you read your Bible always have a pad of paper and a pen at your side. Write down anything that seems important to you. Don't be afraid to write in your Bible. If there is a verse that stands out, underline it. You may even want to make a brief note in the margin of your Bible beside the verse.

6 Join a Bible study group

Join a Bible study group. Find a good church where you can deepen your understanding of the Bible. If you can, join a church that has small home Bible study groups. By joining a home bible study group you will be able to discuss various biblical topics and ask questions as you start reading the Bible.

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