How to Start a Bible Study. A Bible study will give you fellowship and knowledge of God's Word. Starting your own Bible study is simple, just don't be afraid to start small. Once you get it started you can attract new members easily. Follow these steps to get your Bible study going.

Find a small group of interested people. Start with a minimum of three people. You can recruit more later.

Pray together and then discuss how to organize your Bible study. You may want to study a single book in the Bible or a particular theme that is spread throughout it.

Decide on the details of your study. Will there be an assigned reading each week or will you read the passage at the beginning of the study? What materials will you use? You can just read from the Bible and discuss it or you can buy study materials that guide you along the way.

Schedule your meetings so that they are convenient for most of the group members. Once you pick a time, be consistent.

Open your Bible study with prayer. Then you can sing worship songs to get everyone focused on God if you want. Another option is reading Christian poetry before the study begins.

Dive into God's Word with the help of your friends. Take your time. The Bible will give you a lifetime of fruitful study.


  • Add video or audio lectures to your Bible study for variety. Set aside some time for socializing so that people in the Bible study can get to know each other. Snacks help stimulate socialization.