How to Know If You've Seen a Spirit

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Whether you have tried to contact the spirit world or randomly confront something paranormal, events happen that make you question if other-worldly forces exist that a human cannot see. Many people have reported seeing spirits in their dreams and in real life. Spirits are differentiated from ghosts in that a spirit knows it has moved on and is not bound to an earthly place like its paranormal counterpart. After having a paranormal experience, you can question if there was a spirit at work or if it was just a coincidence. Luckily, those that have interacted with spirits report similar experiences.

1 Check the air

Check the air around you to see if it has become noticeably colder than it was before. Your body temperature may have dropped as well.

2 Test nearby electronic appliances

Test nearby electronic appliances. The energy emitting from a spirit can cause disturbances.

3 Record the behavior

Record the behavior of any pets or wild animals that are in the area. Animals tend to sense when something unnatural is going on, so if your pet is acting uneasy, spirits may be present.

4 Look

Look for objects that have shifted from their normal position. This could be the result of a spirit knocking objects over or causing them to levitate.

5 Determine who it was you saw

Determine who it was you saw, if possible. Spirits are often the projections of people that we know or are related to in some way. If that person is dead, then the only way it could have been in your presence is through its spirit.

6 Assess the situation

Assess the situation and determine if there are any other natural reasons as to why this may have happened. When people are spooked, they may quickly come to an irrational conclusion. The event may have been a coincidence, or you may not have all of the information. Being critical does not make you a skeptic of the spirit. In fact, being diligent in your investigation allows your report to become more credible.

Bill Varoskovic has been writing professionally since 2010. His areas of academic expertise include world religions, American Sign Language, psychology, personality and community building. Other areas of experience include sports, travel and lifestyle. Varoskovic received his Bachelor of Science in psychology from Central Michigan University in 2010.