Prisons have strict rules about what can be sent to a prisoner.

Prison inmates love to receive reading material including books, magazines, newspapers and catalogs to help pass time. With catalogs, prisoners may choose to purchase allowable items for themselves or look through the catalog and then have a friend or family member make the purchase for them. The item would be kept at a personal residence rather than being shipped to the inmate. Prisons have specific policies you need to follow so catalogs can reach their inmates.

Contact the publisher of the catalog. If this is a retail store, you may need to start by either calling, visiting in person or looking up the store's website. Find out whether or not the publisher has any policies against sending an inmate a catalog.

Fill out any forms that may be required to open a free account that will allow you to have a catalog sent out.

Provide the representative with the prisoner's full name, along with his prisoner ID number and address. Depending on the merchant, there may be a policy that states that catalogs can be sent out only to the person whose name is on the account. If this is the case, request a mailing address the prisoner can write to with a request to open a free account and have a catalog mailed back to her.

Finalize the request to have the catalog sent out by submitting the necessary paperwork either in person or via the Internet.