Early instruction in politics grows a new generation of voters.

Teaching children the differences between political parties begins with defining terms kids are likely to hear as they listen to their parents and others discuss politics. Learning these basic facts helps kids understand the political process.

Poltiical Party

A political party is an organized group of politicians and voters who share similar ideas about how the government should work. While there are many different political parties, the main ones in the United States are the Democrats and the Republicans.


Terms used to describe members of the Democratic Party include “liberal” and “left wing.” Democrats generally believe in a larger government, with more regulations on businesses and an emphasis on social services.


Words used to describe members of the Republican Party include “conservative” and “right wing.” Republicans generally believe in smaller government with fewer regulations on the private sector.

Moderates and Independents

A moderate is a person whose opinions place them somewhere between the Democratic and Republican points of view. Independents are described as those who do not belong to a specific political party.