How to Help Kids Memorize Lines for a School Play

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How to Help Kids Memorize Lines for a School Play. Turn the challenge of learning lines into something fun that you can share with your kids. Take the time to enjoy the experience of acting and being in a play by helping your kids learn their lines. Show them what fun it can be. Follow these tips to help kids memorize lines for a school play.

1 Pretend you

Pretend you are in the play too and study your lines with the lines your child needs to learn. You can have fun practicing together. Make cue cards and read the lines as you begin to practice together.

2 Repeat your lines

Repeat your lines until you memorize them. You can each take a part in the play or you can read several parts so your child can concentrate on specific lines.

3 Get into character

Get into character. Dress the part and make believe you both are the characters you are portraying. This makes it more fun and more believable.

4 Teach children

Teach children to study the lines by looking at them if you they are visual learners. Get children to say them out loud if they are auditory learners and write them on paper if they are kinesthetic. Most people need a combination of these methods so try them all.

5 Practice reading the lines

Practice reading the lines, then saying them out loud and then closing your eyes and repeating the lines again. Try this together.

6 Tell children

Tell children to take some time to study alone until they are confident and have some lines memorized. Then work together. Take turns alternate saying your lines with the other person.

7 Memorize the actions in the play

Memorize the actions in the play so you both know what happens next. This can jog your memory if you forget a line.

8 Make a tape

Make a tape of yourselves practicing your parts. Listen to the tape between practices or in the car. You will start to remember the lines in order by hearing them continuously.

  • Tell your child to relax and that everything will be fine. You want to encourage fun, not stress.

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