Fundraising Slogan Ideas

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A slogan or tagline is a catchy phrase that advertises a fund-raising campaign in order to solicit charitable contributions. A good slogan can be a powerful part of an organization or candidate's message to their potential donors. The goal of a slogan is to call attention to the fund-raising effort and its benefits, and overcome some of the major objections a donor might have. Descriptive slogans alleviate objections resulting from uncertainty by providing donors with more information. Imperative slogans call donors to action and create urgency. Provocative slogans root a memory of the campaign's message in a donor's mind.

1 Descriptive Fund-raising Slogan

A descriptive fundraising slogan is one that helps donors realize the value of your fund-raising campaign. Often, a descriptive fund-raising slogan will emphasize the core mission or greatest benefit of the campaign. By describing the benefits of the organization, candidate, campaign focus or capital expenditures, donors are informed about how their money might be used, and are more comfortable about supporting the campaign effort. According to iModules, one example of a descriptive slogan might be, "Building a Better Campus One Gift At a Time." A slogan like this encourages donations by relieving fear and uncertainty that contributions might be wasted. Obviously, descriptive slogans should be accurate.

2 Imperative Slogan

An imperative slogan is a fund-raiser branding idea that suggests or commands an action from donors. This slogan idea derives its name from the "imperative form of speech," which is the use of the second person to convey a command. Imperative slogans are used in corporate branding so consumers can imagine what they can do with the product. Apple's "Think Different" brand concept, or Hewlett-Packard's "Invent" slogan are popular examples. In the case of fund-raising efforts, the command conveyed by an imperative slogan is usually more abstract. According to iModules, examples of imperative slogans for fund-raising campaigns include taglines like "Make an Impact," or "Change Your School."

3 Provocative Slogan

Provocative slogans are statements or questions that get donors thinking about a fund-raiser.

Slogans that call donors to action by asking thought-provoking questions are called provocative taglines. These slogans inspire donors by calling attention to the fund-raising effort in a way that is likely to create a lasting memory. Provocative slogans should be open-ended enough to encourage thought and stimulate the imagination, but not so vague that they're meaningless. For example, questions like "How many children will you help?" or "What can you give?" encourage donors to imagine the potential size and impact of their donation. These questions ease some of the hesitation to donate by getting ahead of the question of whether or not to give money. They also stimulate thought about the next step in supporting the fund-raising effort, and the issue of how much to give.

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