Fun Math Activities to Learn the Number Four


Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov, and this is "fun math activities to learn the number four." Now, the most fun math activity to learn the number four has gotta be with treats, right? With candies...we have one brownie, two brownies, three brownies, four brownies. Make the student identify and count how many brownies they want. And, if there's only four brownies out there, you can bet they'll say four. Now, if you're worried about the student's teeth, or their, you know, potential for obesity, you can buy apples and have four apples. But, because we want fun, we wanna go with brownies over apples. So, I'm Charlie Kasov, and you've learned a fun way to learn the number four.

Charlie Kasov has been tutoring high school mathematics since 2004. He is qualified to teach several math subjects, including geometry, algebra, trigonometry and probability.