Dinosaur Math Games for Preschoolers

Dinosaur games make math fun for preschoolers.

Dinosaurs are a favorite topic for preschoolers. Teachers can incorporate brightly colored dinosaurs into the classroom and lessons in a variety of ways. Math lessons for preschoolers include counting forward and backward, sequencing, sorting, telling time and other numbers activities. Dinosaur math games are a useful tool in the preschool classroom.

1 File Folder Sequence Game

Cut eight dinosaur shapes, each 2 inches across, in various colors to make a color sequencing game. Glue a small piece of felt onto the back of each dinosaur.

Fasten eight colored sticker dots to the front cover of the folder to indicate the color sequence pattern. Inside the folder, glue a strip of felt across both sides of the folder to measure about 16 inches. Place the dinosaurs in an envelope and then inside the folder. Preschoolers will use the file folder game individually or with a partner to arrange the dinos to match the sticker dots on the folder cover. Make several different games with different pattern sequences.

2 Dinosaur Eggs Sort and Count

Place a scoop of jellybeans in a zipper lunch bag. Use different shapes, several different colors and speckled jellybeans. Tape a dinosaur picture onto the front of each bag.

Give each preschoolers a bag of "dinosaur eggs." Have the kids sort by color, large or small, speckled or not or whatever benefits your current math lesson. Preschoolers should count the sorted candies and have teacher check to see if they are correct. The kids can eat or take home the jellybeans after the game. If you use the game again in the classroom, put child's name on each bag. Teacher may add more jellybeans for a different sort and count activity on another day.

3 Counting Songs

Sing familiar counting songs, substituting the word "dinosaur" or "dino" in place of the main character in the song. Use songs that count forward and some that count backward, or both. Some songs include: Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed; Ten Little Indians; One Potato, Two Potato; Ten in a Bed.

One example of a counting song: Five little dinos, sitting in a tree, teasing Mr. Alligator, "Can't bite me! Can't bite me!" Along comes Mr. Alligator, quiet as can be. SNAP! Four little dinos, sitting in a tree.

4 Dinosaur Clock

Use a dark marker to write the numbers for a clock onto a paper plate for each child. Cut out long and short dinosaur "teeth" from poster board for the clock hands. Push a paper fastener through a large and small "tooth" and then through the center of the plate. Have the preschoolers use paints or markers to turn the clock into a dinosaur face. Have the kids try to make their clocks say the same time as the clock on the wall or a picture of a clock.

5 Dinosaur Tracks

Tape 20 numbered paper dinosaur footprints onto the floor. Have the kids try to toss a beanbag onto one of the number tracks. The child will say the number the on the footprint track.

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