How to Convert From MPa to GPa

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When the need to convert Mpa to GPa comes up, it can be confusing. There are many things to consider. Both use Pascal, or the abbreviated Pa, as the unit for pressure in the metric system. To convert Mpa to Gpa, you have to have the power of ten that the metric prefixes represent in order to know many Mpa units you intend to convert.

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1 Pressure Points for Beginners

The metric system uses Pascal as a unit for pressure. Abbreviated as Pa, the Pascal unit can yield metric prefixes to adjust the scale of the unit. These include giga, mega and kilo. To break it down further, the force that is applied to a specific unit of area is defined as pressure. For instance, if the same amount of pressure is applied to a small area and a large area, the smaller of the two units will be more affected by the amount of pressure. The International System of Units (SI) for pressure is the newton per square meter or Pascal. The calculation formula is 1 Pascal = Newton/m2.

2 What Is a Pascal Unit?

The term Pascal is bandied about quite often. It refers to the mathematician, inventor, writer, Catholic theologian and physicist Blaise Pascal. It is used in math, computer language and physics. The scholar, who lived from 1623-1662, studied from the time he was a young boy under 12 years of age.

He studied fluids, the concepts of pressure and vacuum from those who went before him. He made an impact on the world of math and physics. The Pa symbol is named after him. It is defined as the SI derived unit of pressure. This is used to quantify internal pressure, Young’s modulus, the ultimate tensile strength of objects and materials as well as stress.

3 What Is MPA Pressure?

A megapascal is a metric pressure unit that is equal to 1,000,000 forces of newton per square meter or Pascal. This is where the abbreviation MPa derives from. MPas are most often used in hydraulic systems due to the high pressure ratings that are gauged.

4 Gpa to Mpa

To convert Gpa to Mpa or gigapascal to megapascal, you need to understand how each is measured. When converting between megapascal units and gigapascal units, there is 1,000 Mpa in one Gpa. To further understand, the SI derived unit for pressure is the Pascal. Broken down, that means that one Pascal is equal to 1.0E-6 Mpa or 1.0E-9 Gpa. Always check the results to see if there are any rounding errors. You can use an online Gpa converter.

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