Convention Decorating Ideas

A convention room is set and ready for attendees.
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Conventions provide an opportunity for groups to get together and discuss an issue, see new products or choose a plan of action. A key part of planning a convention is deciding on the decor. Whatever type of convention it is, coming up with decorating ideas that will appeal to the participants and visitors doesn't have to be a taunting proposition. When you're developing your ideas, it's essential that you focus on the subject of your convention to help guide you through the process.

1 Subject of the Convention

It's typically a good idea to create a convention decorating plan that complements the reason for which the convention is being held. For example, if you were decorating for a medical convention, then including images of medical personnel, equipment and other symbols of a medical nature would be appropriate. On the other hand, for sci-fi fans, you might want to use images and other memorabilia from various sci-fi books, movies and television to create the perfect atmosphere for your convention.

2 Products or Services

If you are hosting a convention for a company that sells a product or products, or offers a particular service, then using images of those products in your decorating plan, or highlighting the types of services in which the company specializes can be advantageous. Also consider including photos of people that will be presenting or speaking at the convention and important people in the company, such as the founder and president, as well as other key staff in your plan. Depending on your budget, you may want to incorporate high-tech displays, such as videos showing products on large screens. Or, you may prefer to create a more basic design using posters and stands.

3 Highlighting a Cause

If you're decorating for a convention of individuals or organizations whose primary purpose is to help others, then consider a decorating theme in which you highlight the successes that occurred through the work of these individuals or organizations. For instance, if the convention is being held to discuss the work that social workers perform and their efforts to improve the lives of children and their families, then include quotes from attendees or trail blazers in the field in your design scheme. You can even provide a video in which various professionals talk about their personal philosophies on the work. Include photos of success stories when appropriate.

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