How to Check Your Shoe Size With a Ruler

Measure your foot, not your shoe, to determine the right shoe size.
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If the thought of using the foot measurement devices at the shoe store grosses you out, you can measure your shoe size before you even leave the house. Those special measuring devices are really just a ruler, which most people already have. The do-it-yourself method simply requires paper, a pencil and your trusty ruler.

1 Making the Measurement

Take off your shoes off, and stand on top of a piece of paper that's lightly taped to the floor. Draw an outline around both feet using a pencil and then step off of the paper. Measure the length of each footprint, in inches, from the longest toe to heel using a ruler; then measure the width of each footprint. Many people find that one footprint is larger than the other.

2 Convert Your Shoe Size

Take the length of your larger footprint measurement and compare it to a shoe-sizing chart to locate your shoe size. Use a chart appropriate for your gender to ensure an accurate size. Also ensure that the chart is for U.S. shoe sizes and not U.K or European sizes, which may look the same but are very different. The width measurement is used for those who need narrow or wide shoes; take note if your measurement falls into these categories.

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