Can You Remove Political Signs from Public Property?

Campaign workers should not place political signs on public property.
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In the time leading up to an election, it's normal to see political signs just about everywhere you go. Each city has its own rules about the placement of these signs. While most allow the signs on private property, including private businesses, there are usually rules against posting signs on public property. Political signs are also prohibited at polling places, whether they are on public or private property.

1 Can You Take the Signs Down Yourself?

While it's tempting to simply remove a sign from public property when you see one – especially if it's not your candidate – it's usually a better idea to report the suspected violation to authorities rather than take action yourself. Small nuances in the law may allow for the sign to be posted in the area you thought was public and some cities may not prohibit posting on public property at all. Instead, city governments typically recommend that you report any signs in public spaces to the city itself. Officials can then make a decision about whether to remove the signs.

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