Did you know that some of the things you do could be hindering your brain's ability to function? Like any other organ in the body, you brain needs the right nutrients and a good workout in order to be in prime condition.

Step 1

Eat to get your daily nutrients, and don't skip breakfast. Researchers recommend whole grains, fiber, dairy and fruits to help boost your brain power. Keep your meals light, though. Studies have also found that eating too much will have the opposite effect on your ability to concentrate. Foods to stay away from, according to the Alzheimer's Association, include those high in fats and cholesterol, which can impair the health of your brain.

Step 2

Stay socially active. Interacting with others has been shown to benefit your brain's vitality. Examples of things you can do to maintain or increase your social activity include volunteering at a hospital or food kitchen; participating in garden clubs, books clubs and other groups that stoke your interests as well as offer companionship; traveling and interacting at work.

Step 3

Exercise your body. We all know that exercise can improve your physical health, but did you know that it can benefit you mentally as well? Research has shown that activity keeps a good blood flow going to your brain, making you sharper and decreasing the odds of developing dementia.

Step 4

Exercise your brain. Researchers have found that mentally stimulating activities may actually build brain cell reserves. A wide range of activities will help challenge your brain and keep it sharp. For instance, you could take up a new hobby such as crafts or gardening, attend plays and musical performances, take classes and attend lectures that interest you, read more and work crossword puzzles.