Body Parts That Offend Muslims

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The dress and appearance for Muslim men and women is considered modest by Islamic culture. Their religious traditions and holy scriptures dictate certain dress and appearance in the presence of family and strangers. Traditionally, Muslim women have a more strict dress code than Muslim men. Most Muslims, especially living inside a heavily cultured Islamic country, are quickly offended if they see another Muslim violating the 'awrah, which is the religious code that constitutes what a man or woman can wear.

1 Muslim Women with Family

A Muslim woman may show a limited part of her skin and body in front of her father, brother, nephew or female companions. Except for her face, hair, neck, hands, forearms and feet, she must cover all other parts of her body. This constitutes the 'awrah code while in the presence of male family members and female companions. The female companions also must be Islamic followers or else she must cover her entire body.

2 Muslim Women with Strangers

A Muslim woman must cover her entire body in the presence of people to whom she is not related as well as non-Muslims. If the woman goes into public with family members, she must follow the 'awrah code because she will be out where strange men and women will see her.

3 Muslim Woman with Husband

A Muslim woman in private quarters with her husband may show her body freely. When the married couple is not in private quarters, the 'awrah code is similar to what relatives and female Muslim companions are permitted to see. When the married couple is not in the presence of others and the wife is dressed, she is permitted to reveal adornment areas, such as the navel region.

4 Muslim Men

The 'awrah code for Muslim men is lenient in comparison to the requirements placed on Muslim women. Muslim men are not permitted to show their private parts, except to their wife in private. In public and in the presence of his family and friends, a man must cover everything from his navel to his knees, keeping this area fully clothed. The only exception to a man's 'awrah is when he is only in the presence of his Muslim wife.

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